Twins Special Thai boxing Mongkol (headband) Brownish MK2



Twins Special Thai Boxing Mongkol (headband) Brownish MK2

You know you can fight, but do you look the part? Turn things up a notch with this Twins special Thai boxing Mongkok. Protect your eyes and maintain optimum focus in the ring. Fight like a pro and get the confidence you deserve. 

At a Glance:

  • Premium materials 
  • Protects eyes from sweat 
  • Range of awesome colors 
  • Legendary Twins brand 

Protect Your Line of Sight 

Any kind of contact sport produces sweat. If this sweat gets into your eyes, you’ll struggle to keep up in the ring – it’s just that simple.

If you…

Refuse to take off the mongkol before the match:

Wearing a high-quality headband like this one from Twins can help protect your eyes while you fight. 

With a clear line of sight, you’ll maintain your edge every time. Fight smart with Twins. 

Premium, Long-lasting Materials 

When you buy fighting tools and accessories, you don’t have time to have them fall apart on you. We only partner with brands we truly believe in. This boxing mongkol from Twins is built to last. Every time you get knocked down, it will bounce right back up with you. 

The only limit is your skill in the ring. Do you have what it takes? 

Wear Your Skill With Pride 

Similar to a black belt in some martial arts, these headbands are worn by worthy fighters who have proved their prowess in the arena. If you’ve got what it takes, wear your skill with pride and broadcast your abilities to the world. 

Show them what you’re made of.  

The Legendary Twins Brand 

The Twins company has been maintaining the traditions and practices of Muaythai boxing for decades now. Their dedication to the craft and substantial line of fantastic products have helped them reach legendary status across the UK and in Europe. 

Their products are built with professional fighters in mind and are designed to give you the edge you need in the ring. 

Get quality that lasts and buy with confidence every time. 



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