Twins Special simple Muaythai Headband (Red and Green ) MK1


Made of cotton/poly mix, this MuayThai headband from Twins Special will turn heads!


Twins Special Simple Muaythai Mongkol Headband MK1 – Red and Green


Firm as a mountain

Mongkol is considered sacred and must be respected by fighters. It’s blessed by a priest or holy man, and you should not let it touch the ground, otherwise, the blessings perish. The special powers it is known to hold contains courage, balance, good luck, and it is said that once the fight starts, the wearer will be firm and immovable as a mountain.


Goes back years: The tradition of Mongkol wearing dates back to centuries ago when the soldiers of the Siam wore them for protection in battle. Because Muay Thai stems from fighting without weapons, this tradition slowly made inroads into it. Today, fighters wear Mongkol when entering the ring, though it’s taken away by the trainer and hung in the corner. But its presence close to the fighter is said to bring good omen and keep dangers away. 


High-quality Materials: MK1 headband is hand-woven brilliantly using poly/cotton material in Thailand. The Mongkol is virtually resistant to fraying as it’s handmade by experts and is sure to last many years down the line without visible signs of wear and tear.


Featherweight: The Mongkol MK1 is very lightweight but with a bigger, lasting impact on your personality and confidence. Drive courage from it as you train or enter the ring.


One Size Fits All: Twins Special MK1 headband is suitable for all head sizes. We use only one size which is good enough to fit all heads. Plus, thanks to the slight stretch it has, you can expect it to stay in place even when you’re shaking your head a lot. 


Your Next Best Motivation: Keep it on your head as you train in the gym and break your own records every day. However, as a fighter, it will have to be taken away before the fight begins.


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