Twins Special Muaythai Mongkol (headband) Red and black MK2


Twins Special Muay Thai Mongkol comes in a stunning combination of red and black, with a jet-black colored tail, handwoven in Thailand.


Twins Special Muaythai Mongkol Headband MK2 – Red and Black


Walk up to the ring with traditional full Muay Thai style!


Mongkol does much more than simply keep hair or sweat out of a fighter’s face. It’s considered sacred, blessed by a priest or holy man, and is thought to hold special powers so that you can fight with no sense of fatigue touching you-  Powers that can turn the odds in your favor.

Keeps the tradition alive: Mongkol was traditionally worn by the soldiers of the Siam to protect them in battle. This tradition seeped into Muay Thai and to this day it’s worn by fighters as they enter the ring. Once you wear the Mongkol, nothing else should be above your head, which is why you see fighters climbing over the top rope of the ring. 


Durable Materials: Hand-woven in Thailand by hardworking people using sustainably sourced materials that keep the Mongkol in its best shape even after years of use. It’s resistant to fraying, all the threads stick together, and is easy maintenance.


Lightweight: Incredibly lightweight, the Mongkol is simply various threads fused together to form a headband (except you can get it blessed by a priest to add the powers) which is why it’s lightweight and feels like you’re wearing nothing!


One Size Fits All: No need to stress over the size. Twins Special Mongkol is one-size-fits-all. It will fit all heads, big or small. Plus, there’s a slight stretch to it which keeps the headband in place as you walk around the ring. 


Wear As You Train: Although on the professional scene, it’s only worn during ring entrance and pre-fight Wai Kru routine, previously fighters used to keep it on throughout the fight. You can choose to keep it on as you train for profound courage and power that lets you push your limits.


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