Twins Special Heavy Bag UNFILLED (Full leather) HBFL




Sturdy Twins Special Heavy Bag Unfilled (Full Leather) HBFL

Twins Special

On the lookout for something extra special? Take your training to the next level with Twins Special Sturdy Heavy Bag! It’s used by world-class competitors and you’re sure to squeeze the best value out of this HBFL bag.

Guard yourself – self-restraint

Show self-restraint as you advance. Punch and kick only when you are sure to hit the target.


ENDLESS EXERCISE OPTIONS: Whether you want to train your jabs, hooks punches, uppercuts, round kicks, or knee strikes, this unfilled boxing bag enables a full spectrum of training options.


YOUR FAVORITE TRAINING BAG: HBFL Bag is as sturdy as it gets. It’s fit for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, as well as a casual full-body workout.


UNMATCHED STURDINESS: MMA training bag features 100% heavy-duty leather that feels like a thick cushion, ideal for taking a beating.


EASY TO SETUP: Once you fill it up, the HBFL bag is ready to be hung from a beam or placed on a free-standing heavy bag stand, ready to start training!


SIMULATES AN OPPONENT: The cylindrical design of the training bag simulates an opponent to squeeze the most out of those jabs and hooks.


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S (80cm Long), M (90cm), L (100cm), XL (150cm)


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