Twins Special Curved Kick Pads ( Black-Red) KPL12


  • Hand made in Thailand
  • Padded velcro straps
  • Complete wrist support


Twins Special Curved Kick Pads ( Black-Red) KPL12


Twin Special is a well-known brand all over the world for its high-quality boxing gear. The curved kick pads by this company are from some of the best Muay Thai gear in the world. Moreover, the design of these kick pads provides the players and trainers with the best comfort, performance, and durability. A great pair of pads can be the difference between winning and losing, between life and death. Remember that.  Also, these specific black with red-colored pads is no exception to the excellent craftsmanship the company is known for.

Offers Versatility

Twins Special Curved Kick Pads come with a curve shape that provides great versatility to the user for striking drills. The back of the pad also has ample padding ensuring complete support to your hand in a neutral position, making it ideal for handling strikes without injury.

The kick pads come up with heavy-duty velcro straps. Simply pull the Velcro towards your center-line to open these straps to the outside of your body for simple adjustment. Because this Velcro is incredibly sturdy and won’t budge, most trainers merely tweak the straps to a comfortable position and leave it. However, if you do need to alter the straps, though, these cushions make it simple and quick.

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