Twins New creation Focus Mitts in curved Style (yellow) PML10


  • Ventilated
  • Durable leather
  • Yellow color


Twins New creation Focus Mitts in curved design (yellow) PML10

The Twins Deluxe Focus Mitts have a design that can catch punches from all directions. They are made of the best grade cowhide leather available in Thailand. In addition, these mitts are 100% handmade in Thailand using the best grade cowhide leather. Moreover, these mitts have ample padding to make them comfortable. In addition to that, good padding also maximizes shock absorption so the form of the trainer can be maintained during hard sessions. Best suited for firm and strong trainers that are working with heavy punchers. 

Good Fitting

The mitts are thin and have an open finger design that fits snugly around your hand to ensure a secure fit. Moreover, you can use these mitts for Muay Thai, MMA, and boxing. These Twins Special concentration mitts are lightweight and durable which allows you to enhance your boxing technique and become more successful.

Moreover, the design of these mitts has a curved shape to buffer punch impact, and therefore, helps in reducing wrist strains and fatigue while you are using them. These mitts are perfect for training in gyms and at home to practice and enhance your fighting skills. If you are a passionate fighter or want to excel in your fighting skills, these yellow mitts are perfect for you.


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