Twins New creation Focus Mitts in curved Style (Silver Star Edition) FPML10-51S


  • Maximum hand support
  • Easy-grip design
  • Lightweight


Twins New creation Focus Mitts in curved Style FPML10-51S

The Twins Curved Punch Mitts are handmade in Thailand using high-quality leather. Moreover, these pads are great for kickboxing, sparring, taekwondo, grappling, speed bag, boxing, martial arts, Muay Thai, and other everyday workouts.

Remain Constant

As a pad holder, you should remain firm under pressure and ready to counter the fighter’s rush of punches and kicks with a throw, kick, sweep, or slap

Suitable for Everybody

Kickboxing training gloves are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different arm sizes. Therefore, it is simple to use for adults and children of all ages. Furthermore, to keep your hands secure and in place, they contain an adjustable armband and an elastic wristband. Therefore, the hand compartment has open fingers, these gloves may fit any hand size.

 These mitts are tough and have a lot of cushioning. The punch mitts by Twins are appropriate for both amateur and professional use.
These mitts are extremely durable, and the kickboxing pads inside are made of a thick sponge that effectively reduces frontal impact and protects the wrist. If you want to enhance your boxing accuracy and timing, use these mitts to work out with your coach at the gym or at home with your kids and spouse.


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