Twins New creation Focus Mitts in curved Style (light green) PML10


  • Comes in a pair
  • Light green color
  • Adjustable straps


Twins Focus Mitts in curved Style (light green) PML10

If you are looking for a pair of mitts that you can use in a gym, during professional training, these Twin new Focus Mitts with Curves are the best for preparing for a fight. Furthermore, you can also use them at home to enhance your fighting skills.

Designed for Multiple Combat sports

To keep your hands secure and in position during practice sessions, Muay Thai pads contain an adjustable armband and an elastic wristband. Also, these mitts are useful for trainers and fighters for taekwondo, boxing, kung fu, and many other lightweight everyday training.

 They include a Velcro wrist enclosure for a secure and simple fit. Therefore, you can use them to quickly adjust for comfort and wrist support during practice sessions.

Boxing mitts are extremely durable, and kickboxing pads have a line of thick sponges. This lining effectively decreases frontal impact and protects your hands from injuries.

Twins Special’s high-quality focus mitts are designed for a trainer to effortlessly catch blows.
These mitts have open fingers to ensure better ventilation. Therefore, they provide the user comfort as well as ease during practice.


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