Twins New creation Focus Mitts in curved Style (burgundy/black) PML10



Twins New creation Focus Mitts in curved Style (burgundy/black) PML10

Boxing Gear- Twins Focus Mitts curved Style

Training can be much easier if you have excellent equipment at your end. Your boxing reflexes can get much better if you train regularly with focus mitts.

It becomes harder to choose the perfect mitts because they solely depend on furnishing your boxing skills, but you don’t need to worry anymore as Twins has the best solution!

If you are looking for the best Mitts for your training or professional use, then you are at the right destination.

Don’t’ worry because Twins has the best focus mitts available! 


  • Brand: Twins
  • Material:  Leather
  • StyleCurved
  • TypeCurved
  • Color:  Burgundy/Black
  • Model: PML-10

These mitts are versatile compared to others; these mitts can quickly help you in polishing your skills, whether you train for defending or attacking these mitts can help you in both.

The Boxing mitts from Twins are crafted using high-quality material; specifically, they are designed by keeping in mind the user’s needs.  

The pricing of these mitts is also competitive, although having all these features of perfect boxing gear; You can get these special focus mitts for a fraction of the usual price.

You may be thinking that what makes these mitts different than others. Well here is the complete explanation for what makes these mitts better..

  • Product Standard:  These mitts are made from genuine leather, which provides more extended durability; with the actual material on hand, it becomes enjoyable for both the wearer and the puncher.
  • Design: Twins made these mitts curvy, so the punching becomes much more accessible and accurate.
  • Color: The mitts come with a mixture of Black and burgundy themes, giving them a more unique and sporty look. 
  • Comfort: The Inner Side of the mitts are softer as compared to others, and they provide a comfortable and soothing experience as long as you are wearing them correctly
  • Price: The Focus mitts are priced fairly, looking at its high-class material and competitors.




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