Twins Mini Boxing Gloves (Fire-fly) MBG2


  • High-Quality: These mini boxing gloves keyrings; are built using a high-quality material that is exceptionally durable. It uses premium-grade leather material in its manufacturing.
  • Lightweight: The lightweight of this boxing glove keychain is a remarkable feature. It allows easy use and carrying without any issues.
  • A perfect gift: The twins mini boxing gloves keychain is a perfect little gift for anyone who has an interest in boxing or any other martial arts. 


Twins mini boxing gloves (Fire-Fly) mbg2

Adding a keychain to your daily carrier shows your interest and describes your personality. And when you are a fighter, everybody knows about your interest in boxing, BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai, etc. Keychain is the best way to represent your passion and interest uniquely.

You may be wondering which keychain would suit you best. Don’t worry; we have done the research for you. If you are looking for a mini boxing glove keychain, the Twins mini boxing gloves keyring is perfect to choose.

Things to consider while choosing the perfect boxing glove keychain.

Even if you are not a fighter and love boxing or other martial arts, the mini boxing chain is the best choice. 

The twins keychain is lightweight and can be carried around anywhere without hassle. The color combination of this keyring is pretty compelling and pleasing for boxing enthusiasts. 

The twin’s mini boxing gloves keychain uses a black and golden color scheme in a firefly theme. Twins have used a premium-grade material in their manufacturing. It uses a high-quality leather material, offering high-end durability. 

Key Features/ advantages of Twins mini boxing gloves

  • Unique shape: The twins keychain is an exact copy of its boxing gloves. It is designed precisely as a boxing glove, making it a unique option. 
  • Color: The color combination used in this mini boxing glove is pretty aggressive and offers a sporty look. It includes black and golden colors in a firefly theme.



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