Twins Kicking Pad with Velcro arm lock (black/yellow) KPL2


Twins Kicking Pad with Velcro arm lock and top holder for a quick fit. Handcrafted in Thailand using 100% real leather to withstand the rigorous workouts of dedicated athletes. The kicking pad is supplied with reinforced stitching on the edges for wear and tear resistance. Selected by many gyms as their go-to training essential for martial arts, kickboxing, MMA, and so on,



Twins Kicking Pad with Velcro Arm Lock KPL2 – Black/Yellow


Patience in life

Twins Kicking Pad KPL2 is designed for fighters who want to take their kicking accuracy, force, and flexibility to the next level. These are made to handle the world-class punishment that the best-in-class MMA fighters dish out. Whether you’re polishing up round kicks, knee strikes, or overall striking techniques, patience in the ring is the most important.  KPL2 twins kicking pad is suitable for anything and everything. Take things one step further by pairing it with Twins Special Belly Protector and Punching Mitts!


Transition Better: KPL2 Kicking Pad comes with a Velcro arm lock which provides a great fit and enables quick transitions from one training scenario to the next. It gives you better control so you can gain mastery over every technique under the sun!


Rugged Design: The functional design is complemented by a durable, long-lasting performance and resilience that world-class fighters ask for. This is reflected in the rugged design & quality craftsmanship which together make this a great training gear.


Achieve Your Training Goals: Whether your training goals include Muay Thai mastery, western boxing, MMA, or simply personal self-defense, Twins Kicking Pad will help you achieve all of it.  


Velcro Fastening System: Enjoy an unrivaled fit and the convenience of quick wear and take-off during the hardest training sessions, the Velcro Fastening system has got you covered.


High-Density Padding: Padded to perfection, when you put them on, you’ll know you can train with peace of mind. The high-density padding will absorb shocks from hard-hitting dudes while still keeping the original shape intact!

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