Twins Kicking Pad with Velcro arm lock (black & white) KPL2


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Twins Kicking Pad (black & white) KPL2

These Twins KPL2 Muay Thai kick pads offer great support during long and hard training sessions. You can use these pads to provide padding under your wrist and forearm. Moreover, these Twins kick pads also provide unparalleled comfort and support to its holder. These are lightweight and sturdy pads making them capable of facing restless strikes during training. Additionally, the company has designed these particular kick pads for training round kicks, overall striking, and knee striking. Therefore, the pad holder feels the minimum impact and strain, and at the same time is able to remain firm and upright.

Quick and Easy Closure

These kick pads come with velcro arm locks that provide a great fit to the user and allow a quick transition from one training scenario to the other.  If you are looking for a set of long-lasting Muay Thai pads that gives you the performance which is signature to world-class competitors, these pads are for you. The curves on the pads allow you to train your knees, elbows, and other body parts effectively and whole-heartedly, but to improve yourself in the best way, do not always follow the footsteps and instructions of the pad holder. Be sure to practice your tactics wisely and firmly- Countering, pushing, throwing, kicking, and tripping the ”muaythai’- pad guy on the ground, whenever you see the opportunity for that.

Available in black and white color, these Twins Special Pads are made up of 100% leather and top-quality density padding foam. It comes in a set of two. Color may slightly vary from the image due to lighting.

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