Twins Hook & Upper cut unit (leather) 2-Tone orange & black WML1-2T


Develop agility, accuracy, raw power, and endurance – all with just one bag!


Two-Tone Twins Hook & Upper Cut Unit Black (Leather) Orange & Black WML1-2T



The WML1-2t is the perfect tool that can work both at home and at the gym. Features a compact footprint that makes it a breeze to store and carry!


MULTIPLE LAYERS OF PADDING: Twins Hook & Upper Cut Wall Mount has been designed with multiple layers of padding inside to maximize shock absorption and stabilize the rebound effect.


GREAT IMPACT FEEDBACK: The padding and leather coating provides crisp impact feedback that makes you want to push your limits when training.


REDUCED FOOTPRINT: Since it’s a wall-mounted punching bag, it’s space-efficient compared to hanging bags. 


FOCUSED TRAINING: No swinging – so you can focus on training even better. Can be mounted on any strong surface such as concrete, poles, walls, cinder, etc. Includes mounting hardware.


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