Twins Hook & Upper cut unit (Grey) WML1-2T


Train hardcore from the comfort of your home!


Twins Hook & Upper Cut Wall Mount Unit (Grey) WML1-2T



 It’s built to provide high-value attack training and fast sparring combinations. Especially for those that are well-grounded in knowledge. If you’re really looking forward to pushing your hooks and uppercuts up a notch. Grab one of these and get your reward in form of a strong mind and body!


7 PADDED ANGLES: The MMA heavy bag provides 7 angles to perfect hooks, jabs, uppercuts, and other combinations.


MULTI-SPORT COMPATIBLE: Twins wall mounted punching bag is suitable for a multitude of sports such as boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, aerobic workouts, Lethwei, uppercuts, punches, throws, and a lot more.


DENSE FOAM PADDING: Filled with dense foam to provide not just protection but also a satisfying impact effect.


HANDCRAFTED IN THAILAND: 100% genuine leather, handcrafted in Thailand by expert craftsmen. 


SPACE EFFICIENCY: Mounts on the wall (includes mounting hardware), enabling maximum space efficiency. Just mount it once and get freedom from storage woes.


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