Twins Hook & Upper cut unit Black (leather) WML1


Nothing comes close to the durability and efficiency this Uppercut Wall Mount delivers when it comes to absorbing power shots!



Heavy-Duty Twins Hook & Upper Cut Wall Mount Unit Black (Leather) WML1


Stand firmly in front of the target.

The punching target sports a  sturdy and heavy-duty PU leather cover, a solid structure steel frame, and enough strength to bear the strongest uppercuts, hooks, elbow, and knee techniques, 


100% LEATHER MADE: Manufactured with 100% leather, the training wall mount uppercut bag will not give in even after years of hardcore training.


SAFE FOR ALL AGE GROUPS: The training bag features rounded edges to avoid any scratching or scraping when throwing jabs and kicks. This makes it suitable even for kids.


PERFORMANCE TRAINING: Pre-stuffed with a high-density foam core system for performance training.


MULTI-ANGLE SUPPORT: Includes mounting hardware (bracket and screws!). Just set it up on the wall and start training from any angle.


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