Twins Stylish Gym Bags BAG2


Twins Gym BAG2 strikes the perfect balance between style and function. It’s made durably from premium-grade nylon, features an extra-large main compartment, anti-stuck zippers, and a spectacular color pattern. Twins Gym Bag is available in orange, blue, grey, green/black, black/blue, blue/black/red. So, if you’re keen on colors, we have an option to suit your taste!

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Twins Capacious Stylish Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment (BAG2)


High-Quality Nylon

This gym bag from Twins blows every other bag out of the water when it comes to rugged build. It’s made from premium-grade nylon to guarantee a long life.


Spacious Main Compartment: Unzip the top to reveal an extra-large main compartment where you can store everything from a pair of shorts, sweatshirt, thigh pads, focus pads, boxing gloves, or any of your fitness gear. 


Shoe Compartment: Dedicated shoe compartment outside makes stowing your shoes away easy-peasy. Can also be used to store a pair of gloves, water bottles, and other belongings.


Headphone Socket: We know music is food for the soul, which is why we integrated a headphone socket at the top with concealed MP3 player or your phone pocket inside of the tip opening. Don’t worry, all zips are lockable to ensure your expensive gear is well-guarded against theft.


Waterproof Fabric: Built to last, the gym bag uses nylon for its construction which doesn’t just guarantee a longer life but is also waterproof. This means that the BAG2 will stay functional whether it’s snow or rain, sun or clouds!


It’s the most stylish bag from Twins and will keep you and your gym gear organized. The combination of large compartments and multi-pockets provides enough room for all your gear at one place. This organization means you don’t have to rummage through your stuff to find what you came looking for. Complete with Twins logo on the sides.



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