FPML1051G Twins Focus Mitts (gold/black) New Creation


  • Lightweight
  • Durable leather
  • Beautiful design


FPML1051G Twins Focus Mitts (gold/black) New Creation

The FPML1051G boxing gloves are ideal for sparring and pad work. They are excellent, aesthetic boxing equipment.

Moreover, these mitts are high-quality with an eye-catching design. The company has used durable leather in manufacturing these gloves. They’re made of 100 percent leather. Enjoy high-density, high-quality and heavy-duty foam cushioning. Therefore, the gold and black mitts can last from 1 to 2 years. However, the pads might wear out earlier if you practice hard on a regular basis.


Designed for Trainers & Fighters that are steadfast and firm

The Twins Punching Mitts are for elite fighters and their coaches. Furthermore, their strong, high-density foam cushioning helps to achieve a better balance. Achieve better technique and shock absorption.

Moreover, they include a clasp across the wrist for a comfortable, secure fit. The closed finger design offers the most protection to hands.

Twins leather punching mitts can help you achieve your training goals. Thus, they are ideal for training in Muay Thai, western boxing, MMA, or personal self-defense.

The mitts ensure that fingers do not jam and there is a minimum impact of hits on your hand during training.


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