Twins classic Heavy Bag UNFILLED Leather/Nylon HBNL1


Suitable for kids as well as adults, it’s the kind of training buddy you can count on,



Twins Classic All-Purpose Heavy Bag Unfilled Leather/Nylon HBNL1


This martial arts training bag is really gonna test your heart!


Punching and kicking with full determination

The secret lies in the material, construction, and overall design of the HBNL1 leather training bag. Order now and start training!

kick-starting your training. 

The unfilled boxing bag can be filled with old clothes, towels, blankets, cotton, or any other filler such as rice for final determination


BUILD MUSCULAR ENDURANCE: The Twins Classic Heavy Bag will push you to go the extra mile. Build muscular endurance from the comfort of your home.


ALL-PURPOSE PUNCHING BAG: Perfect for MMA, Boxing, Karate, Kickboxing, Judo, BJJ, Lethwei, and Kung Fu.


100% LEATHER/NYLON MATERIAL: Manufactured from top-grade leather/nylon, the unfilled training bag boasts heavy-duty chains on top for hanging.


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S (25 x 80cm), M (33 x 90 cm), L (40 x 100 cm), 36 x 150cm, 36 x 180cm


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