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Twins Armbands/mongkol ring to cage, best durable mongkol

Mongkol ;a traditional headgear that is worn by Muay Thai fighters. Wearing a Mongkol is a tradition of Thai people. People in Thailand believe that wearing a Mongkol brings about luck and prevents damage.

How to consider the best mongokol?

Mongkol is a blessed headgear worn by fighters of Muay Thai, not during the fight. During the battle, it is given to the coach, and he hangs it in a corner. They believe that turning it will bring a lucky charm to the fight and fighter.

Mongkol is a headband, but it can also be an exceptional armband. The twins’ armbands/ Mongkols come handmade from the master artisans of Thailand. They craft these bands using extreme quality material.

Why choose Twins ring to cage mongkol?

The Twins Armbands/ Mongkols ;built using the highest quality nylon material. The twins Mongkols ;made free size, making it perfect for everyone.

The ring to cage Mongkols ; is braided and is available in around 27 colors. The total length is 36 inches, and the braided area is 10 inches.


Key Features/ advantages

  • Premium grade material: The Twins armbands/ mongkol are made using the highest quality material. It comes handmade from Thailand and provides extreme durability.
  • Extra comfort: The Twins ring to cage Mongkol/ armband ; made, prioritizing extra convenience and reliability. It provides maximum comfort to the wearer even during the fight.
  • Size for all: This twin Mongkol; is made for everyone. It is 36 inches long in total, and the braided area is 10 inches long.
  • Uique armband design: The twins armbands/ Mongkols uses a unique armband design. This style is pretty compelling and stylish, made for everyone.
  • Fantastic color combination: The twins Mongkol includes a fantastic color combination. It consists of 27 colors combined with pretty colors.



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