Thai Boxing Oil/ liniment (BL1)


To be applied before jogging and in situations where you have no time to warm up. It can also help with pain relief when applied before a fight.

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Traditional Thai Boxing Oil/Liniment Namman Muay BL1


A traditional Thai product commonly known as Thai Boxing Oil, Kickboxing Oil, or how people in Thailand like to call it, Namman Muay, is an oily liquid that helps warm-up, alleviates localized pain, and speeds up recovery for fighters. This bottle wonder goes back to 1960 when it was first formulated and hit the stores, thereby quickly going viral and its popularity has only increased over the decades. Here’s how it can help you if you’re a boxer, Muay Thai fighter, MMA fighter, etc


Helps with Warmup: Warming up is essential before exercise or sports if you want to perform your best and reduce the risk of injuries. Thai Boxing Oil helps warm up your body by stimulating blood circulation which consequently loosens muscles and joints.


Addresses Muscular & Joint Pains: Known to reduce the production of cytokines that cause the feeling of pain. Plus, the presence of Methyl Salicylate helps relieve worn-out muscles while accelerating recovery. Can be applied on bruises as well.


Clears Nasal Congestion: Inhaling a few times can clear up nasal congested nasal passages and relieve headaches. 


All-Natural Ingredients: Namman Muay is created from organic, all-natural botanical extracts and herbs to ensure you get the best product. The key ingredients include menthol, eucalyptus, methyl salicylate, alcohol. They’re all obtained from nature and used in careful quantities to prepare Liniment oil. 


How to Use? Rub some oil on the hands and apply to the body or affected area. Slowly massage until the oil is absorbed. It doesn’t leave a greasy after-feel. Expect an exotic, lingering scent permeating the air. 


Muay Thai oil can be applied before or after each training session. It allows the skin to breathe by opening up skin pores and paving the way for self-recovery.


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