Sweat suit Classic style (VS1)


Fairtex high quality sweat suit is made out of premium grade vinyl. With this sweating-suit you can be assured to sweat alot and get rid of those excess kg’s in the sauna or while working out.


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Sweat Suit Classic style 

Two-piece suit for all

Our Fairtex Sweat Suit is the perfect two-piece outfit to increase efficiency and fat loss in any workout. The suit is manufactured with High-quality Vinyl. The two-piece suit is specifically made for exercise, jogging, and sports, boost metabolism and keep your muscles warm and relaxed. You can work out for as long as you want, and there will be no irritation due to sweat and moisture.


The suit is flexible and easy to wear. It is moist-resistant material. Therefore, you can be assured to sweat a lot and get rid of excessive kilos. The material is durable and stretchable, so you do not need to worry while exercising.

Easy wear: The two-piece sweatsuit has coated texture which provides the comfortable gripping and non-slipping feature. Therefore, the wearer will have complete control over motions. It has a featured rubberized coating that is attractively colored. It is a dynamic training tool that delivers the best intense workout ability, and you can lose weight in half of the traditional exercise time while producing twice the results. So all you have to do is wear it and do any workout, and burn calories in half the time.

Fit-to-all: As mentioned further above, The Two-Piece Sweatsuit is excellent to keep the various muscles groups warm and relaxed. Therefore, you can wear it for jogging on a cold day or while you are practicing your boxing tactics in the ring. The best thing about the suit is that it is suitable for both men and women.

Different Sizes: Fairtex vinyl sweatsuit is available in all sizes so that you can choose from small, medium, large, extra-large, 2X Large, and 3X large. The Vinyl suit is worn loose.

Attractive Manufacturing: This Sweat Shirt has reflective stripes on it for nighttime visibility. Further, there is an elastic neck, elastic waist, elastic wrist, and elastic ankle bands. The color is attractive silver and provides a flawless look.

Ideal for all: The Sweet Suit VS1 is a classic suit and a trendy product suitable for youngsters and pro fighters. You can wear it yourself or give it to your friends and family who love staying fit with regular jogging or exercising.



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