PML-21 Punching Mitts Twins Special (grey and black)



Boxing gear– Twins Special Punching Mitts (Grey & Black)

Are you looking for the most durable punching mitts to expand your boxing equipment? Twins PML-21 boxing Mitts are among the most delicate ones available on the market today

These mitts are not only for boxing. You can also use them as part of training cardio or doing MMA.

The PML -21 mitts are among the best punching mitts in their category, not only for their excellent quality, but they are also famous for their design.

PML -21 mitts are unique in their own category and are proven to best punching mitts all due to their up-to-mark quality and catchy design.

PML -21 mitts provide the user with a unique design and material. Twins made these mitts from high-quality scratch-resistant leather, offering more durability.

Twins have colored these mitts in a black and grey blend, which gives them a classy and aesthetic look. The mitts are padded with high-quality foam, saving the user from any unwanted damage.

The punching mitts play a vital role in both offensive and defensive techniques. Due to its easy-to-adjust feature, these mitts can easily fit on any hand.


Features that make the product unique are listed below 

  • Overall LookTwins specially crafted these mitts in an elegant design. The mitts look heavy and suitable for a sporty look.
  • Color:  The PML-21 has a color scheme of black and grey, which keeps the classy and aesthetic look active every time these mitts are worn.
  • Comfort:  The mitts are made while keeping comfort as its first priority, for this soft pads are fitted inside, in order to give relaxation to the hand; on the other hand, the inside feels really soft and comfortable,
  • Quality:  The mitts are crafted out of high-quality leather material, which not only makes it look luxurious but also increases, the durability of the mitts.
  • Price: we have priced the PML-21 at a fair price. Considering the competitors who have priced these mitts much higher, the price is competitive.



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