PML-13 Punching Mitts Twins Special (green/white)



Boxing Gear– Twins Special Punching Mitts (Green & White)

An essential piece of equipment used for boxing is the Punching mitts. The punching mitt not only completes the boxing gear but also helps in increasing reflexes and speed of motion.

Twins Special Punching mitt is the complete gear for punching. Its high-quality material and size make it different than other mitts available.

The green and white variant of the PML-13 is unique due to its attractive colors. The contrast between white and green makes it look like a professional punching mitt.

Twins are popular in creating quality mitts and the most useful among them is the PML-13. These mitts are shorter in size and look energetic as well providing more satisfaction to the user.

The mitt is universal in size, which makes it easy to wear for any person. It doesn’t matter if the hands are small or big; these mitts are easily worn by anyone.

Considering the safety, Twins Special has integrated this Punching mitt with shock-absorbing pads, which gives the wearer and puncher a delightful experience.


The features which make these mitts unique are listed below

  • Style: The design of this variant, based on the original PML-13, keeps the original’s legacy alive.
  • Color:  The variant is designed in a green and white contrast, making it look clean and straightforward. Moreover, the color based on the MMA themes makes it look cool.
  • Comfort: The comfort level of these mitts is appropriately examined, for these twins’ mitts have placed high-quality foams both inside and outside. These mitts are lighter in weight and easy to carry and wear by the trainer.
  • Condition These Punching mitts are made from top-notch quality leather. This enables the mitts to have a classy look. Along with that, the leather is strong to increase the lifeline and durability of the mitts.
  • Price: The pricing is the most fantastic feature of the PML-13. These mitts are only available at the price tag shown, which is far below any of our rivals.



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