PML-13 Punching Mitts (red and white) Twins Special



Twins Special Punching Mitts (Red & White)

Punching Mitts plays a vital role while training for boxing or MMA. Finding the best mitts for punching is not an easy task to do. But, don’t worry, Twins Special has its PML-13 for you which can be the best addition to your boxing gear.

The PML-13 is among the most delicate punching mitts available in the.. town. Thanks to its unique color scheme and sturdiness, this variant is a treat for MMA boxers.

The PML -13 mitts are boxing-oriented and weigh less for better and faster reflexes..

PML-13 is among the best launches from Twins. The overall look of the mitt is based on a professional style which enables the wearer to look professional while using. Not only that, the mitts are also themed to match the essence of an aggressive fighter.  This bunch of features makes the PML-13 a strong contender for the best punching mitts

These mitts are designed for any type of user, for this Fairtex made these mitts in adjustable gesture which lets these mitts fit easily in any hand; in addition, the Red and white color adds more uniqueness to its design. 

The PML -13; keeping boxing the priority, but safety not left out. For those extra layers of protection, the mitts come with shock-absorbing pads.


Let’s discuss the features of the product

  • Composition: This model of the PML 13 is designed in a particularly sporty look, giving the wearer a more look of a professional boxer.
  • Color:  The PML-13 comes with a color scheme of red and white, which keeps the sporty look active.
  • Comfort:  Shock absorption feature is pre-installed in these mitts, which not only provides more durability, but also keeps the wearer safe from wounds and injuries. In addition to that this feature also helps in providing comfort to the wearer.
  • Quality:  These mitts come from high-quality leather material. These mitts provide more extended durability than other punching mitts
  • Price: The price of these gloves is the most highlighting feature. The PML-13 price tag is relatively low compared to our competitors, often priced at $200 plus.


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