Fairtex Muay thai Ankle Support guards


Fairtex Gym Bag is quite sturdy thanks to the durable Nylon Satin material, handmade in Thailand by expert craftsmen. With two compartments, multiple pockets, and a spacious interior, there’s no way you can’t stuff all of your essentials in with ease!

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Fairtex Muay Thai Ankle Support Guards


Fairtex Muay Thai Ankle Guards will provide the protection you need to minimize sprains from rolling the ankle.


Stand firm in strength

Muay Thai is an intensive sport and injuries are pretty common no matter whether you’re fighting or just training in the gym. To make sure you don’t end up with a sprained ankle, a pair of ankle supports are necessary, and when it comes to that, nothing does it better than Fairtex. These ankle support guards are composed of a stretchy poly + cotton blend that promises outstanding breathability and snug support. This specific design helps support ankle joints while also limiting slippage hazards.


Highly Supportive: Fairtex Ankle Guards provide immense support without slowing you down. They’re designed with your mobility in mind. The thicker and stretchy design creates a snug fit, allowing stability and more control over every move.


Improves Biomechanics: While you’re training, this pair will promote better biomechanics by using intended muscles, thereby improving performance while preventing injuries.


Supports Recovery: If you’re undergoing rehabilitation, this pair of ankle guards can support recovery by preventing the feet from twisting. Plus, they also come in handy for dealing with the swelling!


Reduce Impact: Beginners tend to use the instep instead of the shin when kicking. The impact can sting or scratch the skin. With the Fairtex ankle guards on, scraping will be slashed in half. 


Excellent Traction: Prone to slippage? These ankle guards provide excellent traction against slipping on any flat surface, so you can focus on training, not on your balance.



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