Twins Special Muay Thai Pads w/ Velcro- Orange KPL2


  • Easy cleaning
  • 100% Thai leather
  • Hand-made
  • Durable
  • Comfortable


Twins Special Muay Thai Pads w/ Velcro- Orange KPL2


If you are looking for pads that provide not only support but also comfort during extended and tiring training sessions, these Muay Thai Pads by Twins Special are one of the best options for you to persevere in clocking out high LEVELI BOXERS. In fact, these pads provide you support for your wrist and forearm as well, SO YOU CAN GO ON WITHOUT FEELING FATIGUED. For unparallel support, choose orange kpl2 Thai pads as a holder for hard sessions.

Perfect Grip

These training pads come with velcro straps that allow trainers and fighters to wear and take off them quickly without any difficulty. Additionally, the velcro provides a great fit for the holder. Twins Special Muay Pads are sturdy and lightweight that can face strikes during various types of training sessions. Moreover, trainers can use these kick pads for knee striking, round kicks, and overall striking.
Also, the pads come with the padding that is a trademark of Twins Special around the world. These pads have a design that maximizes their shock absorption ability.

The color of the pads may vary a little from the picture due to light. However, the quality is top-notch without any compromise.

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