Fairtex Heavy bag Classic Style UNFILLED (HB2)


• Size: 33 cm X 90 cm

• Good for practicing round kicks and knees

• Estimated weight once filled: 28 kgs


Fairtex Heavy Bag

This heavy bag is in a league of its own!

A regular-sized bag with long-lasting heavy leather design offers a perfect solution for strengthening muscular stamina and improving movement.

The Fairtex Classic Heavy Bag guarantees the ultimate training experience. It’s made possible by the top-of-the-line build quality and high-density foam filling that provides great impact feedback every single time.


ULTIMATE FIGHTING EXPERIENCE: The HB2 Classic Punching Bag is the ideal choice for boxing, kickboxing, heavy workout, Muay Thai, contact sport, sparring training, etc.


HIGH-STRENGTH SHOCK ABSORPTION: The boxing bag prides itself in being highly shock absorbent, accepting all those hooks, uppercuts, and kicks without complaining.


EFFECTIVE PROTECTION: The high-density outer padding protects your fingers, knuckles, wrists, bones, and tendons when throwing fast-paced punches with all might!


100% THAI LEATHER: Handmade from sustainable, 100% Thai leather, with reinforced stitching on focus points.


RUST-RESISTANT CHAINS: Comes with high-strength, rust-resistant chains.




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