Gray Premium Cotton Boxing Hand Wraps 4.5 m (Pair) HW2



Fairtex Elastic Cotton Boxing Hand Wraps 4.5 m (Pair) HW2

These Fairtex elastic cotton boxing hand wraps are more than first meets the eye. While they may seem ordinary, they’re built from the ground up with professional fighters in mind. With quality like this on your side, you’ll be fighting at your best every time. 

At a Glance:

  • Long-lasting, premium cotton
  • Super comfortable 
  • Rest & tranquility
  • Woven, striped design 
  • Absorbs impacts when fighting 

Absorb Impact and Improve Grip 

When you’re in the ring, every ounce of support counts. These fantastic hand wraps are made from a flexible cotton-elastic blend that makes them a perfect companion for every fight. 

Blocked strikes will be absorbed comfortably, grapples will have that extra level of control, and you’ll be at your best from start to finish. Maintain your best possible game and fight like a champion with Fairtex. 

Unbeatable Comfort 

Distractions will only let you down during a fight. The last thing you want is the comfort of your hand wraps to get in the way. These Fairtex wraps are designed to fit flawlessly with minimal distractions. 

You’ll be comfortable and ready to fight so you can perform at your best. 

Long-Lasting Quality 

Tired of fighting accessories that break down after one or two uses? Fairtex has spent decades building an excellent reputation in the global fighting community. These wraps are built to go the distance and won’t let you down any time soon. 

Buy with confidence – choose Fairtex. 

About Fairtex

We partner with some of the best brands available in the UK. One of our favorite names out there is Fairtex. 

Fairtex was founded in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1958. They’ve been producing phenomenal fighting gear and accessories ever since. Whenever you see their logo, you can rest assured that the product will be high-quality, effective, and built with fighters in mind. 



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