FMV14 Fairtex Short Focus Mitts (Gold and Black )



FMV14 Fairtex Punching Boxing Mitts (Gold and Black)


The Fairtex FMV14 Boxing Mitts are daunting enough to scare the bejesus out of the toughest punching bags. Though incredibly lightweight, they’re completely capable of absorbing some of the best punches without any issue.



With these punching mitts on your trainer’s hands, you’ll soon notice a drastic improvement in punching accuracy. 


INCREDIBLE SHOCK ABSORPTION: As you unleash yourself, landing one punch after another, it’s important for the mitts to have excellent absorption, which is exactly what these mitts have.


EXTRA PADDING LAYER: The padding inside is microfiber vinyl that keeps your knuckles in the best possible shape even after hours of hardcore punching!


FIT SNUG: The training mitts have ball-shaped padding on the exterior which allows for a secure fit and maximum control-


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