FMV14 Fairtex Short Focus Mitts (Black /White)


Perfect your craft while getting the protection you need with Fairtex FMV14 Short Focus Mitts!


Fairtex Short Focus Mitts for Agility FMV14 – Black/White


Perfect choice

They’re the perfect choice for some serious drills thanks to the highly durable build quality and smooth surface. Plus, they’re lightweight, therefore assisting you in every punch you throw. So, unleash your fury and let the punch mitts absorb all of it without putting the trainer standing right in front of you, into disability!

Strong Outer Shell: Fairtex Boxing Mitts use a microfiber outer shell that has one of the best enduring builds on the market. They are tough, durable, and can take a pounding. 

Made for Speed & Accuracy: In Boxing and Muay Thai, speed and accuracy make all the difference. If you lack either of the two, you’re doomed. These short-focus mitts are designed to ensure you can polish both in the best possible way.

High Impact Absorption: Fairtex Focus Pads integrate the most advanced impact absorption technology to guarantee you the highest levels of protection. Consists of a foam core inside that absorb the hardest strikes easily.

Perfect Fit: The mitts are molded to fit the natural curvature of your hand so you don’t have to spend months trying to get them adjusted. They’ll fit snugly and can be adjusted according to the hand size.

Soft Yet Sturdy: The outer surface has a soft touch but at the same time it is extremely durable to get through the hardest of punches you throw at it. With the mitt hem consisting of nylon stitching, you can rest assured these mitts will stay intact for several years. 

The focus mitts are handmade in Thailand using performance-engineered leather so they don’t show signs of wear and tear early on. They’re incredibly lightweight and offer optimal impact dispersion, which makes them the go-to option for athletes who like to push limits. Order now and get started!


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