Fairtex Thai Kick Pads STD (Black and red), are pads that are Cool and Light-Weight for easy comfort.


Fairtex Lightweight Thai Pads STD KPLC5 – Black & Gold


Firmly established on the top (of the world)

These Thai Pads are two times lighter than KLC2 pads. Made from 100% genuine cowhide leather, Fairtex Thai Pads KPLC5 boasts a spectacular black/gold design that’s sure to get you hooked instantly. They feature a dual strap design with extra padding for superior forearm support. They have a curved design which enables higher ergonomics for fitting perfectly to the body anatomically. It helps trainers to react swiftly during training sessions. Perfect for a variety of combinations, including knees, kicks, hooks, and jabs!


Lightweight Design: KPLC5 Thai Pads are 100 grams lighter per pad than the previous version. They’re purpose-built to provide you with the best available lightweight training gear.


Off-Edge Stitching: The brand-new off-edge stitch design isn’t just there for aesthetics but also helps lower the risk of foot injuries alongside making individual kicking much more streamlined. 


Exceptional Forearm Support: The curved structure in combination with left & right-hand fittings and padded straps provides outstanding forearm support for maximum comfort and balance when you train. 


Foam Padding: Fitted with extra foam padding inside for unrivaled shock absorption alongside helping the Thai pads to bounce back to their original shape after impact.


Handmade in Thailand: Fairtex Thai Pads are handmade in Thailand using odorless, degradation-resistant, microfiber material that retains its shape while providing maximum training potential for years.


The ultimate training tool you can rely on for a wide range of training – MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing. Provided with multiple Velcro closures for a secure fit – they’ll not slip down no matter how hard you train. Perfectly suitable for all levels, men, women, and kids, from beginners to the most advanced fighters. The exterior features artwork featuring ‘Fairtex’ branding in a golden tint against a black background. Sold in pairs, the pads weigh roughly 2.25 kgs which is the ideal weight for training. 


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