Fairtex “Superior” Curved Kick Pads STD – KPLS2


  • Curved
  • Padded
  • Genuine high-quality leather


Fairtex “Superior” Curved Kick Pads STD – KPLS2


These Superior Curved Kick Pads are from the top manufacturers – Fairtex. The company has launched these upgraded versions of its curved kick pads for fighters. best suited for trainers that are strong and ready to firmly catch and counter the fighter’s punches, knees, and kicks. These pads, which were previously only accessible in Thailand, are now available globally. Therefore, you can get them to strengthen your muscles and train yourself for competitions.

More Durable

Moreover, they have the same design and quality as one of the best-selling KPLC2 curved pads, however, now made with 100% premium cowhide leather for the ultimate durability in these heavy-duty pads. These kick pads make it easier to maintain and keep balance throughout the workout. Therefore, with these pads, you can train harder and achieve more. These pads are a wonderful alternative for trainers because of their lightweight and soft pads, which are ideal for jabbing and hooking.

The curved form of KPLS2 pads gives them a great ergonomic fit for the trainer’s forearm. This design allows pad holders to respond quickly during training sessions. When initially used, these Thai pads are tough but soft and flexible. They’re ideal for practicing kicks, knees, punches, and hooks, among other combinations.


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