Fairtex ‘Super Bulky Head’ Angle heavy bag UNFILLED HB13


Fairtex HB13 Heavy Bag looks like it has got a swollen head. Before you judge, it’s designed like this for a reason. 


Fairtex (Swollen) Head Heavy Bag UNFILLED HB13


Straight and easy

The super bulky head design allows for more uppercut space, which is why the top part sports a lot more padding. The lower part is narrower and longer. That provides enough surface area for kicks to be worked into your assault. And fast combinations.



Fairtex Uppercut Training Bag is made for punches, high and low kicks, hand and foot jabs. And other boxing drills. It’s perfect for both Boxing & Muay Thai!


BALANCED WEIGHT: Once you fill it up, the training bag can weigh up to 65kg, which is heavy enough to offset swaying.


DURABLE SYNTEC LEATHER: Made with Thai Syntec Leather and a heavy-duty, water-resistant nylon lining that guarantees years of use without any visible signs of wear and tear.


GREAT FEEDBACK: The outer shell generates nice feedback on impact to get you pumped up for the next punch/kick.




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