Fairtex Stylish Black and White MMA shorts (AB9)


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Fairtex Black and White MMA Shorts (AB9) 

These Fairtex black and white MMA shorts aren’t just stylish; they’re remarkably comfortable too. Whether you’re fighting in the ring or relaxing at home, you’ll want to have a pair of these on hand. If you’re an MMA fighter, we’ve got good news for you.


These shorts were designed from day one with you in mind. 

At a Glance: 

  • Superior comfort 
  • Offer an optimal range of motion 
  • Built for professional MMA fighters 
  • Quick-dry fabric 

Built for the Professional MMA Fighter 

Kickboxers, Muay Thai fighters, and other mixed martial artists will love these Fairtex shorts. They’re designed to offer an optimal range of motion and will stay comfortable through your entire fight. 

Never turn your back to your opponent.

The last thing you need is distractions when you’re in the ring. If you’re wearing shorts like these, you can focus on what matters –attacking your opponent –  winning the fight. 

100% Polyester and Quick-Dry Microfiber

The 100% polyester and quick-dry microfiber used on these shorts elevates their performance to the next level. They’ll dry quickly after even the most intense bouts and training sessions. This material is remarkably easy to clean and will retain its shape and surface quality for far longer than you may be used to. 

Double-Velcro Waistband 

Forget about shorts that don’t quite fit. This option from Fairtex comes with a convenient double-velcro waistband so you can always find the perfect fit. For effortless comfort, think Fairtex. 

Utility Pockets  

Using different gear and tools when training? Tired of constantly picking them up and putting them down? The utility pockets included with these MMA shorts have more than enough space to briefly store what you’re using. 


Fighting like a professional doesn’t mean you have to compromise when it comes to utility! 

About Fairtex 

We’ve been selling Fairtex products for quite some time now, and for good reason. Few other names in the world of MMA deliver such consistently amazing results. Fairtex products are usually best-in-class for comfort, affordability, and effectiveness. 


If you see that iconic ‘double F’ logo, you can rest assured that you’re buying something that’s worth your hard-earned money. 



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