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Fairtex “Recommend” Grappling Gloves


High-quality grappling gloves are a must for training, and the Fairfax “Recommend” gloves are the best of the best. Don’t risk injury to the delicate bones in your hands; be patient and constant, and let our grappling gloves provide the protection you need with the quality you can trust. Our grappling gloves have the perfect amount of padding to provide cushioned protection without adding extra bulk. High-quality velcro securely fastens around the wrist, giving you the support you need while allowing for easy adjustability and removal. The classic colorway is the perfect mixture of traditional and modern, giving these grappling gloves the timeless look customer’s demand. 


Full Range Mobility

Don’t risk mobility loss by choosing lesser quality options; our Fairtex Grappling Gloves give you the range of movement you need during sparring to get the most out of your training. Our grappling gloves allow you to perform every maneuver with ease, from monkey grips to mantis hooks, while ensuring you’re never short on protection. With ample flex on wrists and fingers, you get the most out of every training session. 


Thoughtful Design

Our premium leather is supple yet durable, so you can get long-lasting wear that holds up to even the most intense sparring. Fairtex designed each glove with a fight-focused shape to ensure a perfect fit every time while placing your hand in the ideal striking position. The open palm and split knuckles help you maintain your natural grip on your opponents while still offering the highest protection available and keeping you safe from injury. With Fairtex, you can get the most out of your training sessions. 


Key Features:


  • 3-Layer Foam Core System for optimal protection 


  • Double velcro closure for a secure fit that won’t come undone


  • Premium quality leather for durability and softness


  • A protected leather casing to ensure comfort around the thumb


  • A fight-focused design provides the perfect fit for natural striking 


  • An open palm for optimal mobility and breathability
  • Split knuckles protect delicate knucklebones from breaks or fractures


When you take your training seriously, make sure you choose a grappling glove that can withstand the test of time. No matter how intense your sparring sessions get, with Fairtex, you can trust you’ll stay protected every step of the way. 


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