Fairtex Protective Vest for Coaches (Black) TV1



Fairtex Protective Vest for Coaches (Black) TV1

We’re huge fans of this Fairtex protective vest for coaches. It’s the perfect sparring companion for those moments where your students need to give it they’re all. No matter how hard and quick they strike, you’ll be safe and protected every step of the way. 

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At a Glance:

  • White target spots for accuracy training
  • Warp-free design 
  • Reliable protection 
  • Fully adjustable 

White Target Spots 

Practice doesn’t make perfect. it makes permanent. It’s vital that you help your students repeat movements accurately, consistently, and effectively. Thanks to the white target spots on this protective vest. You’ll be able to teach with authority and command with confidence. 

Your students will have clear areas to aim for and will have visual feedback for the accuracy of their strikes. 

Protection You Can Count On

If you’re teaching your fighters how to strike with force, you’d better make sure you can protect yourself. The materials, design, and quality of this vest are all in a class of their own. You’ll be able to keep going to matter how many strikes they land. 

Warp-Free Design 

A skillful Muay Thai fighter could easily bend a cheap vest out of shape with a few good kicks. The high-density foam that’s used for the interior of this product offers remarkable levels of impact resistance. 

This thing simply doesn’t lose its shape in the ring. Whether you’re coaching on day one or day one hundred and one, you’ll still have the protection you need. 

Get the Perfect Fit Every Time 

The straps and clips on this product are all fully adjustable; you’ll be able to get the perfect fit every time. This can be an absolute Godsend in training centres with multiple coaches. Don’t settle for less – get the quality you deserve. 



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