Fairtex Mouthguard WHITE MG3, Essential Boxing equipment.

If you are a boxer or training for Muay Thai or MMA, a high-end mouthguard is a must boxing gear you should own. The mouthguard is an essential boxing gear for the safety of your teeth… It is a crucial piece of equipment that will offer you considerable protection against striking.

Choosing the best mouthguard can be a difficult job. But don’t worry, we have already chosen the right product for your convenience.


Fairtex has presented its high-end mouthguard, offering complete protection. The Fairtex mouthguard provides a comfortable fit and outstanding balance. It is made with a high-quality, Heavy-duty rubber shock frame, providing maximum protection for your teeth.

The Fairtex mouthguard MG3 is made from a heavy-duty rubber shock frame which ensures complete safety for your teeth and mouth. It offers a perfect balance in the mouth with a tight fit.

Fairtex mouthguard contains two essential elements that offer reliable comfort and protection. The outer surface of the mouthguard is made from heavy-duty rubber material with shock absorption. The air ducts on the inner area allow easy breathing.

Key features

  • Material: The Fairtex mouthguard is made from high-quality rubber with a shock absorption effect. The material used in its build is exceptionally durable and reliable.
  • Protection: Fairfax mouthguard ensures maximum protection to your teeth with the rubber shock frame. It provides complete security to your teeth during training or boxing.
  • Design: The innovative wave design absorbs heavy impact and provides maximum internal support protection to upper and lower jaws. The Quick Whether connect design makes the strapped mouthguard feel perfect.
  • Gel-Fit liner: The Gel-fit liner gives a comfortable and tight fit between the teeth and mouthguard.
  • Easy to use: The Fairtex mouthguard uses boil and bites technology for easy fitting in every mouth. You can use it while boxing or training for MMA or Muay Thai.



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