Fairtex Mongkon (Dark red /black) MK1



Fairtex Mongkon Dark red/ black MK1

Mongkon is a Thai word that means blessed or prosperous. Muay Thai fighters usually wear the Mongkon before entering the ring. This headgear is not worn during the fight but is hung in a corner.

Hanging the Mongkol refers to a talisman or good luck to the fighter. Moreover, it is a tradition in Thailand. It is believed that wearing the Mongkol protects the boxer /soldier from getting harmed or injured during the fight.

The tradition of wearing a Mongkol before the fight is from the ancient times of Thai people when soldiers used it before going to battles. It is becoming more popular nowadays as it has become a fashion due to the increase of fame in Muay Thai.

Why choose Fairtex Mongkon?

This is why Fairtex has presented their remarkable Mongkon. The Fairtex Mongkon comes handmade from Thailand using a premium quality nylon material.

As it is a traditional gear, the Thai artisans use the highest quality nylon available. The size of the Fairtex Mongkon made accessible. It means it is perfect for every size.

The Fairtex Mongkon is available in the color scheme of two aggressive colors; red and black. A combination of red and black gives off a sporty and bold look.

Key Features/ advantages

  • The Fairtex Mongkol comes handmade from Thailand using high-quality premium-grade material, made using the highest quality nylon material.
  • Blessed headband: The Mongkol is a sacred or holy headband in Thailand, made for Muay Thai fighters with durable material.
  • Color scheme: The Fairtex has used a compelling color scheme in this headband/ Mongkol. It uses a red and black color scheme, giving a sporty look.
  • Size: The size of this Mongkol; made for everyone; highly adjustable and can wear by any person.
  • Style: The Fairtex Mongkon has a unique headband style. It gives off a distinctively sporty look to the wearer.



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