Fairtex MMA Gloves Red and White FGV17


High-Quality Fairtex MMA gloves. These Fairtex MMA gloves are perfect for boxing, kickboxing, and other combat sports. Fairtex MMA Gloves are a stunning mix of red, black, and white. Overall, they score great on everything a seasoned fighter would care about: performance, quality, and comfort. Slip them on and feel great whether you’re hitting the heavy bag or sparring with a training partner.

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Fairtex MMA Gloves FGV17 – Red and White 


These MMA Sparring Gloves from Fairtex are designed for more mobility while maintaining the same excellent quality as their predecessor FGV15. These gloves feature a Patent open palm with split knuckles designed to optimize grappling control with minimal restrictions. Plus, the contoured, tight-fit hand compartment provides brilliant control when throwing hard punches. 


Fairtex Signature Thick Foam

Fairtex FGV17 Boxing Gloves consist of three thick foam layers that provide exceptional bone protection as well as shock distribution to minimize impact, allowing for devastating punches in the ring.


Minimize Risk of Injury: If the thicker foam padding wasn’t enough, support is provided on the wrist and thumb area to further minimize potential injury.


Versatile Boxing Gloves: It’s hard to find a glove pair that’s fit for both the bag and sparring. But with Fairtex MMA FGV17 Gloves, you’re in luck. It has enough padding and is just the perfect size to ace both roles.


Reliable Velcro Strap: We believe a boxing glove is incomplete without a reliable velcro strap. Fairtex boxing glove has got one that ensures it doesn’t keep slipping as you train.


Handmade To Perfection: Handmade in Thailand using microfiber material. Each pair is individually treated with attention to detail. Reinforced stitching on stress points pushes the durability up a notch.


The specialized stitching around the corners and edges ensures they can stand up to tough blows both inside and outside the ring. Complete with ‘Fairtex’ branding on the knuckles and the Velcro strap, they have that premium look and feel you are looking for.



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