Fairtex Light-Weight Belly Pad for Muay Thai – White BPV2



Fairtex Lightweight Belly Pad for Muay Thai – White BPV2

This Fairtex lightweight belly pad for Muay Thai comes with the protection, quality, and durability you deserve in the ring. It’s built with the needs of a professional fighter in mind and won’t let you down when you need it most. 

Get yours today and start training like a champion. 

Won’t Weigh You Down 

When it’s time for sparring, it’s time to open your chest. Give it everything you’ve got. How can you perform at your best if your gear is weighing you down? The lightweight design of this Fairtex belly pad helps fighters stay agile through every grapple, strike, and dodge. 

Maintain your edge in the ring and master the competition! 

Added Groin Protection 

We probably don’t have to explain why extra groin protection is a good thing! The generously padded area on the lower part of this product will keep your most important fighting assets well protected every step of the way. 

The layers of protection used here are significantly thicker than you may be used to. Injury and unexpected ‘windings’ are far less likely with a premium belly pad like this. 

Premium Durability 

There’s no point in buying Muay Thai equipment if it’s just going to let you down after a few rounds in the ring. This Fairtex belly pad is made from a single piece of premium leather and uses no extra stitching or attachments. 

The result is a pad that offers superior levels of both durability and comfort. You’ll be able to train and spar virtually distraction-free. Quality like this can be tough to come by. 

About Fairtex

When it comes to high-quality fighting gear, you can’t go wrong with Fairtex. For decades now, the company has continued to redefine what we thought was possible in the world of Muay Thai and related martial arts. 


For unbeatable quality, durability, and results, think Fairtex. 



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