Fairtex leather bag 4ft -Unfilled (HB5)



• Created using the highest quality man-made leather.

• Comes with heavy-duty waterproof and solid nylon coating.

• Strong nylon web straps with enhanced stitching and rivets at key stress points.

• Approximate weight after fill: 28 kg.

• Dimensions: 36 cm X 112 cm.


Max Workout Fairtex leather bag 4ft


Train like a PRO with Fairtex HB5 Heavy Bag!


This UNFILLED champ is handmade from 100% Thai Leather/Nylon. It has a heavy-duty outer shell with proper stitching on stress points. The heavy bag can get fat all the way up to 28kg and can take some serious beating!


MAXIMUM WORKOUT PERFORMANCE: Whether you use a punching bag for workouts or for training Muay Thai, MMA, Karate, Boxing, or any other sport, the classic heavy bag isn’t gonna let you down.


UPGRADED RIVETS & CHAINS: The rivets and chains are made out of top-grade stainless steel. They’ll keep the heavy bag hanging nicely as you let out all those throws.


DOESN’T SWAY: The unfilled punching bag has quite some weight when it’s filled up, which causes it to sway less. 


DURABLE OUTER SHELL: The outer shell has extra padding which leads to better shock absorption and impacts feedback.


SUITABLE FOR ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS: Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned professional, the Fairtex HB5 Heavy Bag is fit for all experience levels.





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