Fairtex Headguard for sparring – Full Coverage Red HG3


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Fairtex Headgear Guard for Sparring – Full Coverage Red HG3

Fight with confidence & heart using this spectacular Fairtex Headgear guard, keep your cool in the ring, and give it everything you’ve got. Get the gear you need today! 

At a Glance:

  • Superb coverage 
  • Injury protection
  • Adjustable top lace 
  • Multi-layered design 

Maintain Safety While Fighting 

Whether you’re involved with Muay Thai or any other form of martial art, maintaining reasonable levels of safety is an absolute must. Head injuries are no joke and can cause serious harm without the right precautions. This high-quality head guard from Fairtex is designed to keep you safe and fighting at your best.  So keep your edge in the ring and fight with confidence.

Train hard, eat quality meat and drink fresh milk every day. 

Whether you’re refueling, training, refreshing your existing kit, or trying something brand new, Fairtex is a fantastic option. 


Multi-Layered Design 

Fewer premium options in this category can often skimp when it comes to the number of layers used for the protective headpiece. This Fairtex product uses a multi-layered design for maximum protection. 

Headgear That Simply Fits 

Fairtex understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to high-quality fighting gear. The fully adjustable top strap on this head guard makes it effortless to find the right fit. No matter how hard you duck and dodge, your protection won’t budge an inch. 

Built to be Comfortable and Durable

The last thing you need when fighting is unnecessary distractions. This guard is built from the ground up for maximum comfort and performance. It’s made to last too. Fight after fight, your gear will stay just as comfortable, just as protective, and just as effective. 


About Fairtex 

We love partnering with some of the best fighting brands available in the UK. Fairtex has been around for decades now and has built a legendary reputation in the world of fighting equipment and accessories. 


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