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Fairtex Gloves Boxing – Stylish Design with Long Hand Cuff


Fairtex is a boxing gear manufacturing company excelling in making reliable and quality gear. The protective gear comes with high-quality gloves, helmets, and other cushioning gear to shield your bones, muscles, and joints from continuous sparring. Whether you just do boxing for fun or you pursue a professional career, protective gear is indispensable for your own safety. You definitely need a sufficient shielding mechanism that can keep you from potential hazards. The grappling battle can be dangerous for your body parts and can leave you crippled if you fail to protect yourselves, therefore, trustworthy gear is what you need.

Boxing gloves are the first and foremost safeguarding tool that can save you from strikes and hits. Along with determination and courage, you will get your reward in the ring. Made of leather, these boxing gloves come with triple foam layers to provide sufficient cushioning against all the fighting. In fact,  BGV16 gloves account for the first combating line against continuous strain from hard sparring sessions. These boxing and sparring gloves come with a strong and durable leather material also provided with additional layers hemmed with finesse. Moreover, the fitting is tight-hugged especially centered on the knuckles to prevent serious injuries. The stylish design is also attractive to the eyes and adds to the stylish look of the boxer. Fairtex boxing gloves are perfect to protect yourself from continuous strikes. 


Fairtex boxing gloves are comfortable and economical. The quality is reassuring and can withstand all hits while saving your hands.

Moreover, the gloves are:

• Available in multiple sizes and colors to suit the needs of the user.
• Leather boxing gloves are also provided with long handcuffs in Velcro style to let you put on the gloves easily.
• These Fairtex boxing gloves are breathable.

Another satisfying feature of these gloves is that useful for all players whether it is boxing or kickboxing or jiu-jitsu or Karate.

Order your pair of Fairtex gloves and enjoy the boxing match while averting any danger to your wrist and bones in your body.



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