Fairtex fight and Sparring Gloves (blue contender) BGL6


  • 100% Polyurethane Leather. 
  • Solid Silver Blue Color With Aesthetic Logo 
  • Strengthened coating to ensure toughness 
  • Structured grip for added comfort 
  • Excellent seams for improved lifespan 
  • Engineered foam with optimum density for efficient impact retention.
  • Enhanced wrist support. 
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Fairtex Blue Contender Sparring Gloves


Sparring is the most effective way to hone your skills, develop new techniques, and learn how to defeat your opponents. During this training, it’s vital to add strength to your strength and to wear the right equipment to ensure the safety of you and your sparring partner. That’s why a quality pair of sparring gloves are invaluable in the ring, and there’s none better than the Fairtex Blue Contender. Our lace-up gloves contain an engineered foam interior to provide ideal protection from jabs and punches. Their classic design is timeless, and the contrast stitching ensures they’re as durable as they are attractive. 

When you’re training, you don’t want to worry about the quality of your equipment. That’s why Fairtex sparring gloves are the perfect choice for dedicated athletes who put their heart and soul into their craft. Each glove is reinforced with thick padding along the wrist and knuckles offering supreme protection for your opponent and helping ensure your hands stay safe. 


Premium Features:


  • 100% Polyurethane Leather


  • Classic Blue with White accents and aesthetic logo


  • Structured grip for maximum comfort


  • High-quality seams to prevent material break-down


  • Enhanced wrist support


  • Engineered foam interior with optimum density for impact protection


Choosing the right sparring glove helps prevent injury for your partner and protects the fragile bones in your hand from breaks and fractures. That’s why we offer our Fairtex Sparring Gloves in multiple sizes to ensure the best fit possible, giving you the training results you deserve. Our gloves come in sizes 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 160z, and 18oz. 


How To Choose The Right Size Fairtex Sparring Glove

Your weight determines the size of your sparring glove, so it’s imperative you choose the one that fits you correctly. The smaller you are, the smaller your glove should be, and the larger you are, the larger the size you should choose. You want your glove to fit snugly on your hand with enough room for your hand wraps (we recommend our Twin Specials Hand Wraps.) we are proud to offer an extensive range of sizes to fit everybody allowing you to get the most out of every sparring session. 


Why Choose Fairtex Sparring Gloves

Our premium features combine to provide you with the ultimate sparring glove that will help you achieve your goals. The lace-up wrist not only looks good but gives you the added wrist support you need to ensure you don’t lose any power. Every glove is built to last, with superior craftsmanship you can see and feel. When quality and durability matter, there’s only one name you should choose, Fairtex. Don’t settle for less; let our Fairtex sparring gloves help you rise to the next level. 

With consistency, heart, and pure grit, you’ll be at the peak of your division with an efficient ally along the way. 

As you drag and pull your opponent around the ring, waiting for an opportunity to attack once he or she is off-balance. You’ll find no other ally than our BGL6 for all of your boxing needs. Tailored to function with versatility and comfort, this exquisite pair of gloves can take on any kind of session, spar, or even intense sets. Designed with optimal shock absorption capabilities, these gloves will take you to the peak with style and comfort. 

The Fairtex Blue Contender is designed with a traditional lace-up wrist to provide a more secure and protected fit for the joints. It also adds a touch of aesthetics to your essential boxing gear for a classic style that everybody will love 

With your wits, techniques, style, and passion, strike your opponents with intimidation and fight for the title as soon as the chance is there.


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