Fairtex Curved Standard Kick Pads STD( black & white) – KPLC2


  • Curved shape
  • Padded closure
  • Comes in a pair


Fairtex Curved Kick Pads ( black & white) KPLC2

If you are looking for some of the most comfortable fit of a kick pad in the market today, this Newest Generation of Thai Pads from Fairtex is your answer. In other words, these pads are unique with a small footprint and a curved extra-long arc – Perfect for the best of trainers that are constant. And remain firm when catching kicks and countering.

More Durable Leather

The company has used premium cowhide leather in manufacturing these pads, which is more durable than buffalo leather. These kick pads are 100% handmade in Thailand and are soft and flexible upon the first usage. The KPLC2 pads’ curved form gives them a great ergonomic fit for the trainer’s forearm. Moreover, this design allows pad holders to respond quickly during training sessions. When initially used, these Thai pads are tough but soft and flexible.

KPLC2 is easy to grasp and keep balanced when using because it is lightweight. Padded straps and forearms can provide additional comfort and support. Many coaches and fighters rely on these pads throughout their workouts. The pair of these Fairtex Curved Kick Pads is not only easy to use, but you can use them for various training including but not limited to training for jabs, hooks, kicks, and knees.


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