Fairtex curved kicking shield (FS3)


  • Durable
  • Lightweight design
  • Handmade



Fairtex curved kicking shield (FS3)

If you are looking for a compact and versatile kick shield, the FS3 Fairtex curved kicking shield (FS3)) is the best option. This kicking shield is constructed with high-quality durable Syntek leather. Moreover, the design of FS3 shield has a high-density foam core that has the ability to maximize shock absorption.

Comfortable to Use

The FS3 kick shield comes with the popular holder system that has become a trademark of Fairtex’s famous kick pads; handles that are not only suitable for right-hand trainers but left-hand trainers can also use this shield comfortability.
Also, there is an additional handle at the top of the kickbox pad that makes it suitable for low kick training. In short, all handles make it comfortable for trainers to hold the pads for extended training sessions.

The FS3 kick pads have an air ventilation hole around the shield that helps in releasing the air during its use. In combination with the foam recipe, these air vents provide the best cushioning for a lengthy and heavy training session in a go.

The price mentioned is for one piece.


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