Fairtex universal boxing gloves (White tiger style) BGV1


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Fairtex BGV1 universal boxing gloves

Fairtex Gloves – White Tiger Pattern (BGV1)

Whether you are a keen Muay Thai or traditional boxer with a lot of experience or are just a beginner looking to spar and learn the ropes, you need to choose a good and comfortable pair of gloves. About the BGV1 Universal Boxing Gloves

Below we have highlighted the main aspects of the Fairtex BGV1 universal boxing gloves that we think make them a solid purchase for competing, sparring, bag work, and other training. 

Ergonomic Design and Tight-Fit Hand Compartment

The BGV1 universal boxing gloves are a great all-rounder and perfect intermediate boxing glove that can be used in several different disciplines. They benefit from being engineered with a unique ergonomic and contoured design and tight-fit hand compartment that makes for a very snug and secure fit. 

Premium Quality Materials

One of the reasons why so many boxers, martial artists, trainers, and gym owners choose Fairtex products like these universal boxing gloves is the fact that the company uses high-quality materials. These gloves have been constructed from premium quality leather, which is very robust and durable.

The leather is complemented by Fairtex’s very own signature three-layer foam system. The evenly distributed padding provides much-needed shock disbursement while offering a tight and compact design for effective knuckle and hand protection. 

Wraparound Hook and Loop Wristband for a Securer Fit

Fairtex has finished these all-purpose boxing gloves off with the wraparound hook and loop wristband to provide the gloves with an even securer fit. Easy to use and provides you with the perfect combination of comfort and control. 

Exclusive White Tiger Print

The BGV1 universal boxing gloves are one of Fairtex’s most popular products and as such, they are available in a wide range of different colors and prints. This particular pair of gloves have a very distinctive and striking white tiger print. 

Available in a Wide Range of Sizes

As these are universal boxing gloves and designed with a variety of different martial arts and boxing disciplines in mind, they are available in a wide range of sizes, including 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz. 

Value for Money

When you choose a brand like Fairtex, you know you are making an investment in a product that offers real value for money. In Thai boxing, mixed martial arts and other disciplines involving hand-to-hand combat, your hands are your most important asset, therefore it makes sense to protect them with the best.

About Fairtex

Fairtex is a popular sports clothing brand that was founded in 1958 in Bangkok, Thailand. Although the company specializes in Muay Thai boxing gloves and accessories, it also produces gloves and gear designed for other boxing and fighting disciplines such as mixed martial arts and more traditional western boxing. 

The company has received lots of praise and is highly recommended by many professionals and amateurs within the Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts communities and won the award for Best MMA Gloves at the World MMA Awards back in 2008. 

Overall, the brand is considered one of the best in the world. 


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