Fairtex Boxing gloves Uface X(To & BGV14 Tokyo art collection)


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Fairtex Boxing gloves Uface X(To & BGV14 Tokyo art collection)


Looking for some trendy and trendy boxing gloves? These Fairtex boxing gloves with the Tokyo art collection are all you need. The funky design is a tribute to the Tokyo art while it gives a lively look to the gloves. Besides the look of the gloves, there are other features that make them stand out among other options in the market.

Boxing gloves can be used in all types of boxing be it kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai. Kun Khmer or Savate. No matter what type of boxing or/and martial art you do, being firm, and training yourself to deliver strikes with power, along with protection is a must. You need some cushioned coverage that can withstand continuous punches and strikes without any damage. Therefore, boxing gloves are a necessary part of your boxing gear.

These boxing gloves by Fairtex are made of soft leather and triple layering to give a wholesome and thorough cushioning to the hands. The gloves ensure protection to every part of the hand including the crucial points like knuckles and palm.

The design is ergonomic to make it snug and a comfortable fit for your hands.

Made with perfection and expertise

Leather Fairtex boxing gloves are exceptional at battling the shocks during the fuming boxing match. The layers of foam, and leather add to the shielding.


Tokyo art boxing gloves features

• Come in a variety of sizes, weights, and colors to meet the choice and demand of the player.
• Are breathable with air ventilation
• Unique fitting to keep your hands from sliding and slipping
• Compact design to give a tight-fitting for a thorough covering

So get these innovative and modern boxing gloves for your boxing matches and enjoy the style along with the functions. The price is also quite affordable for the quality and durability are promising. And, Yes ensuring safety is the prerequisite while you are in the boxing ring. 

If you use your eyes & brain to your advantage

These modern gloves are seamed with professional expertise to make sure that your hands are all covered and are ready to shield them while being on the frontline against the punches or kicks that can easily be blocked and countered.


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