Fairtex Boxing Gloves (long hand cuff) yellow BGV14


These sparring gloves ensure top-grade durability and sport an easy Velcro closure that makes putting them on and off a breeze. Plus, they have excellent durability for their price tag and can withstand the most intense training sessions. Perfect your craft using them, they’ll stay functional for years

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Fairtex Padded Boxing Gloves BGV14 – Yellow 


Throw the hardest punches with Fairtex Boxing Gloves!


Boxing isn’t just about pushing your limits or putting in lots of hours in training. It’s also about the right pair of boxing gloves. A not-so-ergonomic pair can strain your hands or even cause an injury. But the right pair will make sure you learn all those punching techniques efficiently without straining your hands. That’s exactly what Fairtex Boxing Glove BGV14 has to offer.


CONTOURS TO YOUR FIST: Fairtex Boxing Gloves are designed to give you the best punching experience in a fist-hugging fit. This feature helps form a fist seamlessly!


DUAL-LAYER FOAM PADDING: This sparring gloves pair comes with extra padding on the back, wrist, and palm area. This helps provide the highest shock absorption and comfort, preventing hand fatigue even after hours of training.


HIGH-QUALITY MICROFIBER: Made from high-quality microfiber which is as durable as leather but lighter, smoother, and does not degrade like leather. This paves way for fewer odors and convenient training.


LONG CUFF GLOVES: Feature long cuffs to protect almost half of the forearm, so you don’t have to buy additional, often difficult to put on, forearm protectors.


EXCELLENT AESTHETICS: Topped in bright yellow color to speak out your personal style. The combination of yellow with black creates a stunning contrast, one that’s sure to keep you motivated to go the extra mile when training.



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