Fairtex boxing gloves (Green) full leather BGV16


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Fairtex boxing gloves (Green) full leather BGV16


Fairtex Boxing Gloves in Full Leather 

Boxing is all about punches, fistfights, wrist and hand conditioning and coordination, continuous sparring, and advancing without fear. The matches are fun to watch but they involve the risk of damage and bone breakage. To avert any such dangers, boxing gear comes to the rescue. These protective measures include shock-absorbing qualities in the form of boxing gloves, helmets, and other paddings.

Excelling in making durable design

Fairtex is one of the famous boxing gear-making companies that excel in making durable and reliable protective gear for players. The boxing gloves are made with leather and foam padding to give a wholesome coverage against continuous sparring and striking.
Designed with three layers of foam and leather all around, these gloves are perfect to protect you from all intensive impacts during combat. On top of that, these Fairtex boxing gloves are super comfortable with fine stitching. The ergonomic design is constructed to give long-lasting shielding to your hands. The gloves are the first choice for combatting all the hitting and sparring that a pro fighter has to go through. And Yes, Seamless cushioning is always handy when it comes to protecting yourself from incessant hitting. 

Promising qualities

Fairtex Bgv16 gloves are an effortless fit for all types including Thai boxing, kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, and Karate. These gloves are provided with super-soft padding and incredible shock-absorbing qualities to make them all the more promising for the fighters.

Besides other qualifying features, these boxing gloves are reliable due to the things pointed out below


  • Snug-fit gloves are available in a variety of sizes to fit the need of all boxing players.
  • Leather and soft boxing gloves are available in green color making them stand out.
  • Fairtex boxing gloves are breathable with a built-in ventilation system.
  • These gloves are comfortable and a snug fit to help you fight without any hindrance.
  • Perfect for intensive practice sessions, these boxing gloves are all set to serve your protection needs. Grab these green gloves now for they are reliable as well as economical and worth your money.


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